Greyhawk (Against the Giants/Tyranny of Dragons)

Tyranny of Dragons


The people of Greenest are anxious as the fear of invasion has once again returned. In the halls of the Green Dragon Inn, veterans of the orc wars with Turrosh Mark murmur that the Wild Coast is as ripe as this region has seen for invasion. They contend that the Knights that once ruled this region have left and now it is run again by traders and thieves.

Governor Highill of Greenest has hired loggers to gather the robust wood of the Gnarley forest to build a wooden fortification around the trading village. Recently, fear has taken over the citizens as a half/dragon man was spotted in the woods by the loggers. They speak of men worshipping in dragon masks and dancing around fires in the forest.

Govern Highhill has responded plastering the trees and in town halls of small trading villages around the town of Greenest wanted posters of a half dragon/half humanoid creature. Governor Highhill of Greenest has offered a 100 gp reward for the capture of this creature. The wanted posters say emphatically “HE MUST BE FOUND ALIVE.”

The characters begin their individual search in the Gnarley Forest.

Parts of the Gnarley Forest are claimed by Celene, Dyvers, Verbobonc, and Greyhawk. Most is generally considered as part of the Wild Coast region, however, and the inhabitants of these woodlands are free-spirited folk, so no formal government is ever likely to hold sway as long as there are deep woods to shelter resisters. The Viscounty of Verbobonc is well liked by the folk dwelling in the northwestern portions of the Gnarley, while Celene is favored by those in the south.




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