Greyhawk (Against the Giants/Tyranny of Dragons)

Running street battle to the Keep

Day Two:

The Keep of Greenest was just visible over the rooftops from our position as the town came under siege. The blue dragon dove from above striking terror into the hearts of men and blasting the walls with its lightning causing the ground to shudder. All around could be heard the screams of towns folk whose were under attack by the hodge podge army of goblins, kobolds and drakes who began the pillage and burning of Greenest.
Between us and our goal lay many an obstacle, not least of which, the dragon man who had just broken his bonds. Den’Var the bard reacted to the chaos first, stepping over the fallen guards and casting a sleep spell at the half dozen kobolds dropping all but one into a deep sleep. He then ran south between two buildings for cover as we all shouted, “head for the keep!”.
The dragon man suddenly said in common, “My name is Leomar and I am not your enemy. These creatures must be stopped.” He then picked up the shield and sword from the dead town guard and advanced to Kasil. To our total surprise he called upon the power of Bahamut and healed Kasil who had been badly hurt from the slings of the now sleeping kobolds just moments before.
As I moved to the intersection I noticed one of the kobolds trying to wake the others so I swiftly called on the power of fire I had so often practiced as a child and send out a bolt of flame that stuck the beast lighting him on fire like a torch. He died swiftly as the flames consumed him.
As we frantically made our way east through the buildings a woman could be heard yelling frantically for help saving her babies. Her home lay just east and half our group headed toward her while the other half headed southward around the backs of the buildings in hopes of finding a clear path to the keep.
As we approached the building, inside a young human woman was engaged with a nasty looking drake. Behind her was her husband and two children. Clearly, the father had taken a significant claw stike for he lay near death on the floor. Letting fly with an arrow I struck the impaled the beast in the eye dropping it instantly as we called for them to come with us. We crossed the street as a group attempting to meet with the others just south when just east of us on the road appeared a large group of kobolds being directed by a spell caster and his guard. As the family was picked up she attempted to bandage him and allowed me to take her youngest daughter from her arms.
Leomar proved his truth when he placed himself between us and the raiders as two drakes advanced on him under the sling fire of the kobolds. Bravely, as a paladin might be known to do, Leomar stood his ground taking several deep hits and fought back the attackers. With this young human child on my arm I advanced southward and let loose a second fire bolt spell into the ground between us all slow the pursuers and allow us to get the family to safety.
We then met with a second group of villagers, one a healer, how managed to save the husband so badly wounded. Having seen my fire bolt spell the kobolds moved to a protective position around the acolyte. I realized he was the strength behind their actions. I rolled my free hand in a delicate maneuver and drew upon the webs of arcane power flowing in the earth and summoned an orb of acid. Willing it to strike the acolite is flew between the heads of two of the kobolds, swiftly expanded and engulfed the leader. His screams of pain and terror were loud and angonizing, but, short lived ans the acid melted him leaving nothing but bone.
The dwarf cleric Thorrak came running in from the south to heal the dragon man Leomar allowing us all to head south once more. As we crossed the next street to head to the keep Kasil, who was nearest the keep, was shouting about kobold snipers on a roof and the cultist and remaining kobold slingers were set up on the other side of the building east of us.
I slipped north along the edge of the building, calming the child and peaked around the corner. The remaining cultist did not see me so I once again let loose an acid orb, dropping in a heap the of scorched human in the street. We continued our advance south and witnessed several goblins leaving a home arms full of loot, and gathering with the remaining kobold slingers. Distracted with the loot they carried we were able to slip east to the keep and enter.
The guards at the entry summoned the page for lord Highhill. Stunned by the visual of the half dragon man I aroused the man and he agreed to bring us to Lord Highhill. As the castle walls had been breached the formalities we could have other engaged in were skipped and the lord demanded answers. At first he wanted to throw Leomar into the dungeon, but, to his credit the Lord Highhill listened to his story and then asked us all to help save his keep by protecting the breached wall.
It was swiftly discovered that Leomar was of a race from a plane filled with his kind. He was somehow transported here during a fight between several warring dragon clans one claiming a cult of the dragon the other trying to stop their evil. He was here to help us, but, only time will tell the truth of that.
As we prepare to defend the keep and save a village, I wonder, will I be able to overcome the death my dreams fortold? And, what does the lord Highhill’s bedchambers look like?



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