Greyhawk (Against the Giants/Tyranny of Dragons)

The Fall of Amerith

And the hands of doom fall on the hero's

Amerith Strode into the cavernous dark temple with the remainder of he companions behind him. The evil mage stood in a river of blood and lightning offering a hand out in peace.

Amerith determined to set the world aright after realizing the mage was creating a tear between world in this lightning storm rush forth drawing the Blade of Bahumat swinging twice but found his foot caught in a crack in the ground. As he attempted to recover the mages familiar slipped in behind him and struck him just below the base of his head killing him.

The remainder of the party seeing their leader felled sled the temple only to be attacked by a second party of adventurers…….

In the Halls of Pelor the Deva spirit Amerith walked forward to his lord and dropped to a knee. “I have failed you my Lord and Savior Pelor to my endless shame. I will return to the mortal world at your behest to take up and fight for your will once again, as always. What role is you wish of me this time for there be no depth to the sorry I feel for the failure of this lifetime.?”



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