Greyhawk (Against the Giants/Tyranny of Dragons)

The Chaos Scar

The Battle for Restwell Keep
As told by Zierra Moonbright, Dark Bard of the Keep.
The lightning in the sky struck the mountains as if the Gods angered over the loss of light. Deep in the valley a lone figure walked, huddled under its rain soaked cloak with a wish for warmth in the eyes hidden in the darkness. This creature walked on two legs, much as the men of the Duchy if Geoff, yet the strides could not match those of a man, nor even of a Halfling of the glens to the south.
Rare to see one such as this alone in these lands, which since the falling of the meteor, have become haunted and those few that still thrive here are only the hardiest of men. For these have become the lands of the dark races. Giants, goblins, dark cultists and dragons rule these once tame lands now. Yet with his small stance one could only assume that a child had wondered from its mother’s breast, not knowing that this was no safe place. The wolf in the brush could sense its next meal, inching closer by the moment, and her bubs were in need of such tender food, if they were to live through the winter. As the child neared, the wolf pounced, only to be met with a reaction most unexpected. From the child sprang a dark light, swift and true, burning a hole through the brain of the beast so swiftly it ran three more paces before falling at the feet of this child.
Looking down, Nierethi Poscurian, smiled for dinner was at his feet and days were yet ahead of travel. He had come this far from his home to find Restwell Keep, which was so recently liberated by Sir Drysdale and his company, in hopes of locating and killing Dunrat the Dark, who had brought such misery to his home in Hommlet and then fled for the Chaos Scar. Little did he know, that as he settled down to eat, another figure looked on from the crags but feet away, wondering just what this gnome was going to do, and if its story was worth telling.
Some days Later, CUR finds himself sitting around a table with a group of adventurers in Restwell Keep, thankful for the food and ale before him. To his right sat Venix, Cleric of Pelor and to his left, Delita, and easterner with customs unseen in these lands. Next to Venix sat his friend and companion Sir Edric Morrison who was helping Venix locate his daughter, who had been taken captive by slavers and feared given to the cultists of Zuggtomy in the Scar. At the bar sat Mallador Stormwind, the young mage who had only recently arrived in Restwell. These few would end up changing the fate of the Keep and in coming together this night would change the fate of so many, not even they were aware of how much was at stake.
As I was not witness to the deeds that unfolded following this chance meeting I relay the words of Cur, Unchanged. Unedited. For you to discover the meaning of for the party found a tunnel entrance within the keep.
Part I
Gnomes Log Into the cave.
As we enter the cave it is clear to the group that it is no natural cave, but rather that of an animal lair. The smell is horrendous, what could it be? As we arrive at what looks to be the end of the tunnel, we find rocks boulders and wood plugging up the hole is someone trying to keep us out or something in? I’m a little nervous. We have come to the door or the point of a beast!! The smell grows worse. I feel for the tall folk, the air is better down here!
As we make our way in we find ourselves in a humungous room! Someone took the time to stick large spears in the wall; I wonder what they’re for?
Oh, now it makes sense, Trogs!!! They are throwing sharp sticks at me! I would run over there and help them meet their maker if not for this large trench blocking the way.
We fought the trogs. At first they seemed that they were not all there but then, after Mallador explained what we fight is a figment of our imagination, an illusion we were able to quickly overcome them. Edrik seems to think what the oracle was trying to tell us had something to do with a Mind Flayer? Could that be what lies ahead?
After dispatching the trogs in the main worship room we’ve a decision to make, cave to the north or down the stairs? I kind like the look of the small pathway leading north but I think I will stay close to Venix and Sir Edric.
Whets this? Humanoids with crab claws? Human transforming is that the Mother Aran? It would seem that I am the only one that thinks these guys are real, wait; Mallador is more convinced than ever that these do exist. Mallador seems to have vapor lock and he blocking the hall!!!
Delita argues with his god during combat, I think everyone is going mad here? Are these the local’s being morphed into something evil! What can behind this? I’m sure the glowing PIT has something to do with it?
That monk has some ability, he like a blender!
Why are my powers failing me, why?!
Ouch Mallador hit me, what was that all about?!
I’m up; I’m down; am I dead?
I finally see them for what they are! What is a meenlock anyway, never seen one of those in the forest?
Yay, the mighty Venix has saved me. Remember to stay closer to him then Edric.
Edric doesn’t look so good. He seems to have the shakes.
Delita found something in the rubble. It looks like something I can use.
Lord Drysdale arrives ready for battle. I’m worried; if a man of his stature arrives what must lie ahead?

Part II
Mallador: I still don’t trust our “fearless” noble who at this moment chose to stroll into a dungeon by himself. Odd if you asked me and I will be watching MY back if he is behind us, as he may be behind all this now, under the control of some mind spell.
Edric has a disorder, what could it be?
Craggy stone fragment? Could this be what Dunrat is in search of to reopen the Temple?
What is this, abominations? What is an Umber Hulk anyway?
Drysdale is not as we thought, he helps the others! He has lost his mind!!
Wow I finally hit something; do I move now or wait? I’m scared. What do I do? The monk scares me. Seems I spent most of my time on the ground trying to get up in such that I couldn’t get proper line of sight or even an effective spell off!!
The Umber Hulk is dead, finally. Now, what to do with the shard destroy it?
Drysdale is crazy!!!! We need to destroy the shard but there is a concern for our lives. Oh well, here goes.
Ok, I blew the shard up and nearly killed the whole group, good thing the monk was smart enough to see it coming.
We LIVE!!!!! Wait, why is my purse short on coin, did the monk loot me?
The monk got some handy new boots, but I don’t know this cause I was DEAD!!!!
The oracle may have more answers. We need to seek out the Oracle again to see what she knows.

Part III
We decided to go back and visit the oracle for more answers to the riddles. She
confuses me.
When the walls crumbled and the Ogre stepped out I soon realized what the Oracle
meant about an extra pair of socks. I think I may have pissed a little down
my leg.
The strangest thing; a giant blob of jelly! I thought those were only in story
books? When I was pulled into it I must admit I felt safer inside the Cube then
next to the Ogre!! I was worried that lighting the cube on fire while I was in
it was only going to have me as a wick in a jelly-filled candle! At least the
Ogre didn’t pick me up and beat me into the ground like a rag doll he was
upset with. That would’ve been tragic!
Again the Monk shows his skills in combat like a spinning wheel of pain!
After the Scare Blade was destroyed it caused a huge explosion which resulted in
a cave-in! We barely made it out with our lives.
Now we must “find the one that wears the fist.” Interesting, it sure is foggy in this corridor…

Part IV
Waterday, 17 Flocktime, 592 CY
Now that Dunrat is dead my Quest is complete. I have stopped Dunrat from
discovering the source but, should I return home to share the news and deliver
his head to the elders personally? What of the warrior’s daughter, surely I
can’t abandon him now after all he and his friends have done to help me find and
kill Dunrat? Surely the Clerics of Tharizdun will send more if the Priests of
Zuggtmoy fail.
Perhaps Lolth is also in search of this great power? He always was one to
compete against the Fungus Queen and it would not surprise me if Tharizdun
didn’t send them both on the same quest in anticipation of one or the others
That is it, I have to continue until the power they seek is destroyed or I am!!
I can nigh allow them to recover the evil which they seek and return it to the
Kron Hills!
I will stay and help!
I will preserve Dunrat’s head and send a raven to Cononess Y’Dey at Hommlet with
the news. His head will serve as proof when (if) I return home and I’m sure His
Noble Lordship, the Viscount Langard of Verbobonc will pay handsomely for this
For now I will stay and help my new friend, Sir Edric, find his daughter.
I will once again call myself Nierethi Poscurian, “Protectorate of Hommlet”!



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