Greyhawk (Against the Giants/Tyranny of Dragons)

New Heroes of Greyhawk

Rescue at Rivenroar


Although the elves of the Oytwood have long maintained cordial relations with the humans of Geoff, and even helped build the capital city of Gorna, these relations cooled considerably in the aftermath of the giants’ depredations. The Olvenfolk of the Oytwood survived only by retreating into their hidden halls to regroup and recover.

With no help coming from beyond the woods, the elves began a guerrilla war against the invaders that has met with modest success. Although the Oytwood has not been under giant control since 588 CY, sev­eral of the brutes still roam the forest. That fact, in addition to the threat of wandering fey beasts, has kept the elves from joining the larger effort to reclaim Geoff, and from helping their sylvan cousins fight the Shadow Dragon. If the folk of Hochoch can win the elves’ help, the Oytwood could serve as a direct route from Hochoch to the giant-occupied capital of Gorna.

Population: 50
At a Glance: An elven outpost, recently reclaimed
Established before the formal founding of Geoff, Pres­ton has long served as an outpost from which the high elves of the Oytwood watch for invaders. Its first such use was against the Suel and Oeridian migrants, and more recently, against the giants. Despite the best efforts of the elves, half-elves, and humans who lived there, the invading giants captured Preston, forc­ing its residents to flee either to Hochoch or to deep within the forest.
In recent months, the elven forces have expelled the giants from Preston. Currently, the treetop ruins of Preston serve as a base for a small garrison of stoic elves tasked with holding it until more forces can be spared to rebuild it.


The Oytwood forest has been teaming with activity in the past moons. A new presence with an old name, “Red Hand of Doom” has entered the Oytwood led by a hobgoblin named Sinruth. His marauding army of orcs, goblins and hobgoblins have been sacking towns and villages around Hochoch. They have recently stunned all those in Hochoch by raiding the city. They took seven prisoners and stole an artifact from the Hall of Great Valor and are residing in Castle Rivenroar, which is deep in the Oytwood forest. Liberation_of_Geoff.jpg

With the assassination of Owen I, the city of Hochoch has been dealing with political turmoil. The knights of the Gran March, who provided service and protection to Owen I and the refugees of Geoff have returned to their homeland. The monastic of order of Knights Watch has taken power in Hochoch led by Grandiose Imperial Wyvern Darwyck of Hookhill. Grand Imperial Darwyck has disbanded the splinter sect the Knights of Dispatch after a traitorous band of Dispatch members tried to usurp the order by killing Hugo of Geoff. Wyvern Darwyck had the band of knights executed and disbanded the order. This turmoil has created a perfect opportunity for an attack by the Red Hand of Doom.

Knights of the Watch have made no effort to track the Red Hand of Doom down. They have instead spent most of their resources fortifying the city. Contrary to the Knights Watch lack of an offensive, the elves in Preston have left the city to combat the Red Hand of Doom.

This is where the adventures will start in a tavern in Preston. It has been a few days since the group left to Rivenroar castle. You are fascinated by the prospects of finding this castle Rivenoar, but you have no idea of its whereabouts or who or what resides there.



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