Greyhawk (Against the Giants/Tyranny of Dragons)

Against the Giants
Hill giants

Giants have been raiding the civilized lands in large bands, visiting death and destruction upon villages, towns, and farmlands. Entire militias have been conquered, whole crops wiped out. These marauding bands consist of mixed groups of hill giants, stone giants, frost giants, and fire giants, as well as ogres and other monsters allied with the giants.

Determined to repel the invaders, local lords have begun hiring brave adventuring parties. The first few groups didn’t fare so well. Some were crushed beneath the boulders and jackboots of rampaging giants, while others went into the wilderness and never returned. However, a new band of adventurers has assembled to punish the marauding giants and banish them from the civilized lands!

The closest giant stronghold—and the greatest immediate threat to the safety of nearby settlements— is a great timber fortress populated by hill giants,known simply as the hill giant steading. Nosnra (pronounced noz-en-rah), a grossly fat and thoroughly despicable hill giant chief, rules from this stronghold.

Sly and vicious, the hill giant chief routinely plunders farms, ambushes merchant caravans, and threatens trade roads. He has gathered ogres and other vile creatures to his banner and uses them as fodder during his brutal raids.

Nosnra’s alliance with more powerful kinds of giants, such as frost giants and fire giants, is a matter of grave concern. Many suspect a sinister influence at work, a secret motivational power behind the unusual banding of different races of giants.

In exchange for their help, the characters are given all of the mundane adventuring equipment they require and are entitled to keep whatever treasure they find. They are advised to follow any clues that point toward the sinister hand suspected of uniting the giants. Only by shattering the alliance can they put down the giant uprising for good.

Liberation of Geoff
Day 1 - Hochoch - Meeting with Sir Wassmuth

You have all been brought to a stately manor in the affluent part of Hochoch.. The symbols and craftmanship of the home lend one to believe that Sir Wassmuth is part of the Loggers Guild. You are escorted into the home and enter a room where a group of individuals are sitting around a fire place. Sir Wassmuth greets you and introduces you to each individual in the room. The first person is Lloyd Kopper, a well dress heavy set human who once the richest man in Gorna (Capital of Geoff), then Breggo, a mild-age Dwarf whose clan, the Ironbeard’s were decimated in 588 CY and the reminants of his clan have been fighting with the Gnome’s in the Starkmounds , Delanna, a half-elf female Councillor of Hochoch, Flavious the Yunger, a Ranger and Halldor Aegisvegg, a dwarf and members of the Knights of Dispatch.

Sir Wassmuth express to you how happy they are to see you. He goes on to explain to you in detail the extent of the Giant raids and the devastation of the region. He implores you that this region needs heroes like yourself. They have heard about your deeds in the Chaos Scar. Wassmuth goes on to tell you that Lord Drysdale was a Knight of the Watch years ago and left the order because of what he felt was it’s lack of direction.

Wassmuth exclaims "we too believe in Lord Drysdale’s mission and cannot support the Knights Watch position of laying a defense against the Giants. "

Breggo interrupts in a bellowing voice “we must go at them, they get stronger every day. They are more organized than ever. They are growing their own food using slaves of the conquered. In Pest’s Crossing, King Snurre has made a Giant named Mothrasir his vice-roy. VICE-ROY!! These cretins are mocking us with their titles.” Slams down his fist.

Delanna continues.." We must go cut off their power at the head. Just as you did (pointing at the heroes) in the Chaos Scar. King Snurre must die or this will never cease."

After a few here, here’s and clapping, Sir Wassmuth then pulls out a scroll. You notice it is a map of this area. He tells you that everything beyond the Otywood woods is controlled by the Giants. He says that these are not the same forces he encountered years ago as a knight. They are veteran and extremely equipped using many different races of giants and vicious humaniods. We have heard from our allies that some of the GIants are using items infused with magic, which is a first.

Sir Wassmuth says that their plan is to get you to the Stark Mounds and the Gnomes and Dwarves that are holding back the Giants in that area. Kemp Consum is your contact there. The Halfling Knight knows the way and will guide you there. Although the mission is to destroy Snurre, the Knights of Dispatch will need any information that your garner in your trip. We need location of troops, so we can better move our forces more efficiently.

Breggo steps in and says, “I have my own selfish demand. I have been to a mystic who tells me the Lord of the Ironbeard’s still lives. He is great warrior named Zorn Ironbeard. If you could save him, you would be greatly rewarded” Breggo takes off one of the rings he is wearing and places it in the hands of Cur asking him to bring back his great leader. Delanna says that they have a boat ready and supplied that will travel south on the Javan River.

Sir Wassmuth says in a worried tone, “we have a major issue. Your companion ”/campaigns/greyhawk-against-the-giants-lasvegas/characters/delita-1" class=“wiki-content-link”>Delita was interrogated by the Knights Watch as he entered the city and was charged with being a spy of the Scarlet Brotherhood. As you know, the type of combat and manner of dress lends itself to this group. He is sentenced for hanging tomorrow. Since he is a major component to your success, we can tell you where is located. However, we cannot know of how you will retrieve him. That will be on your own…"

As the sentence leaves his lips, the large imposing wooden door flys open. Entering gracefully like a butterfly, Delita enters and says “we must go now.”

The Chaos Scar

The Battle for Restwell Keep
As told by Zierra Moonbright, Dark Bard of the Keep.
The lightning in the sky struck the mountains as if the Gods angered over the loss of light. Deep in the valley a lone figure walked, huddled under its rain soaked cloak with a wish for warmth in the eyes hidden in the darkness. This creature walked on two legs, much as the men of the Duchy if Geoff, yet the strides could not match those of a man, nor even of a Halfling of the glens to the south.
Rare to see one such as this alone in these lands, which since the falling of the meteor, have become haunted and those few that still thrive here are only the hardiest of men. For these have become the lands of the dark races. Giants, goblins, dark cultists and dragons rule these once tame lands now. Yet with his small stance one could only assume that a child had wondered from its mother’s breast, not knowing that this was no safe place. The wolf in the brush could sense its next meal, inching closer by the moment, and her bubs were in need of such tender food, if they were to live through the winter. As the child neared, the wolf pounced, only to be met with a reaction most unexpected. From the child sprang a dark light, swift and true, burning a hole through the brain of the beast so swiftly it ran three more paces before falling at the feet of this child.
Looking down, Nierethi Poscurian, smiled for dinner was at his feet and days were yet ahead of travel. He had come this far from his home to find Restwell Keep, which was so recently liberated by Sir Drysdale and his company, in hopes of locating and killing Dunrat the Dark, who had brought such misery to his home in Hommlet and then fled for the Chaos Scar. Little did he know, that as he settled down to eat, another figure looked on from the crags but feet away, wondering just what this gnome was going to do, and if its story was worth telling.
Some days Later, CUR finds himself sitting around a table with a group of adventurers in Restwell Keep, thankful for the food and ale before him. To his right sat Venix, Cleric of Pelor and to his left, Delita, and easterner with customs unseen in these lands. Next to Venix sat his friend and companion Sir Edric Morrison who was helping Venix locate his daughter, who had been taken captive by slavers and feared given to the cultists of Zuggtomy in the Scar. At the bar sat Mallador Stormwind, the young mage who had only recently arrived in Restwell. These few would end up changing the fate of the Keep and in coming together this night would change the fate of so many, not even they were aware of how much was at stake.
As I was not witness to the deeds that unfolded following this chance meeting I relay the words of Cur, Unchanged. Unedited. For you to discover the meaning of for the party found a tunnel entrance within the keep.
Part I
Gnomes Log Into the cave.
As we enter the cave it is clear to the group that it is no natural cave, but rather that of an animal lair. The smell is horrendous, what could it be? As we arrive at what looks to be the end of the tunnel, we find rocks boulders and wood plugging up the hole is someone trying to keep us out or something in? I’m a little nervous. We have come to the door or the point of a beast!! The smell grows worse. I feel for the tall folk, the air is better down here!
As we make our way in we find ourselves in a humungous room! Someone took the time to stick large spears in the wall; I wonder what they’re for?
Oh, now it makes sense, Trogs!!! They are throwing sharp sticks at me! I would run over there and help them meet their maker if not for this large trench blocking the way.
We fought the trogs. At first they seemed that they were not all there but then, after Mallador explained what we fight is a figment of our imagination, an illusion we were able to quickly overcome them. Edrik seems to think what the oracle was trying to tell us had something to do with a Mind Flayer? Could that be what lies ahead?
After dispatching the trogs in the main worship room we’ve a decision to make, cave to the north or down the stairs? I kind like the look of the small pathway leading north but I think I will stay close to Venix and Sir Edric.
Whets this? Humanoids with crab claws? Human transforming is that the Mother Aran? It would seem that I am the only one that thinks these guys are real, wait; Mallador is more convinced than ever that these do exist. Mallador seems to have vapor lock and he blocking the hall!!!
Delita argues with his god during combat, I think everyone is going mad here? Are these the local’s being morphed into something evil! What can behind this? I’m sure the glowing PIT has something to do with it?
That monk has some ability, he like a blender!
Why are my powers failing me, why?!
Ouch Mallador hit me, what was that all about?!
I’m up; I’m down; am I dead?
I finally see them for what they are! What is a meenlock anyway, never seen one of those in the forest?
Yay, the mighty Venix has saved me. Remember to stay closer to him then Edric.
Edric doesn’t look so good. He seems to have the shakes.
Delita found something in the rubble. It looks like something I can use.
Lord Drysdale arrives ready for battle. I’m worried; if a man of his stature arrives what must lie ahead?

Part II
Mallador: I still don’t trust our “fearless” noble who at this moment chose to stroll into a dungeon by himself. Odd if you asked me and I will be watching MY back if he is behind us, as he may be behind all this now, under the control of some mind spell.
Edric has a disorder, what could it be?
Craggy stone fragment? Could this be what Dunrat is in search of to reopen the Temple?
What is this, abominations? What is an Umber Hulk anyway?
Drysdale is not as we thought, he helps the others! He has lost his mind!!
Wow I finally hit something; do I move now or wait? I’m scared. What do I do? The monk scares me. Seems I spent most of my time on the ground trying to get up in such that I couldn’t get proper line of sight or even an effective spell off!!
The Umber Hulk is dead, finally. Now, what to do with the shard destroy it?
Drysdale is crazy!!!! We need to destroy the shard but there is a concern for our lives. Oh well, here goes.
Ok, I blew the shard up and nearly killed the whole group, good thing the monk was smart enough to see it coming.
We LIVE!!!!! Wait, why is my purse short on coin, did the monk loot me?
The monk got some handy new boots, but I don’t know this cause I was DEAD!!!!
The oracle may have more answers. We need to seek out the Oracle again to see what she knows.

Part III
We decided to go back and visit the oracle for more answers to the riddles. She
confuses me.
When the walls crumbled and the Ogre stepped out I soon realized what the Oracle
meant about an extra pair of socks. I think I may have pissed a little down
my leg.
The strangest thing; a giant blob of jelly! I thought those were only in story
books? When I was pulled into it I must admit I felt safer inside the Cube then
next to the Ogre!! I was worried that lighting the cube on fire while I was in
it was only going to have me as a wick in a jelly-filled candle! At least the
Ogre didn’t pick me up and beat me into the ground like a rag doll he was
upset with. That would’ve been tragic!
Again the Monk shows his skills in combat like a spinning wheel of pain!
After the Scare Blade was destroyed it caused a huge explosion which resulted in
a cave-in! We barely made it out with our lives.
Now we must “find the one that wears the fist.” Interesting, it sure is foggy in this corridor…

Part IV
Waterday, 17 Flocktime, 592 CY
Now that Dunrat is dead my Quest is complete. I have stopped Dunrat from
discovering the source but, should I return home to share the news and deliver
his head to the elders personally? What of the warrior’s daughter, surely I
can’t abandon him now after all he and his friends have done to help me find and
kill Dunrat? Surely the Clerics of Tharizdun will send more if the Priests of
Zuggtmoy fail.
Perhaps Lolth is also in search of this great power? He always was one to
compete against the Fungus Queen and it would not surprise me if Tharizdun
didn’t send them both on the same quest in anticipation of one or the others
That is it, I have to continue until the power they seek is destroyed or I am!!
I can nigh allow them to recover the evil which they seek and return it to the
Kron Hills!
I will stay and help!
I will preserve Dunrat’s head and send a raven to Cononess Y’Dey at Hommlet with
the news. His head will serve as proof when (if) I return home and I’m sure His
Noble Lordship, the Viscount Langard of Verbobonc will pay handsomely for this
For now I will stay and help my new friend, Sir Edric, find his daughter.
I will once again call myself Nierethi Poscurian, “Protectorate of Hommlet”!

Night of the Dragon

Night of the Dragon
As told by Ziarra Moonbright, Dark Bard of the Keep
’twas a cold and rainy day in Restwell Keep as I sat in the common room of the inn finishing the poor tasting ale after having a lunch meal consisting of overcooked lamb and potato soup. I suppose I should not be too hard on the inn keep for the standard of fair, as he and his family lay burned in the ash of the inn now, and with the considerable regularity of orcish raiders on the outlying farms and poor crop yields any food without the taste of molds is a welcome meal indeed.

As the ale began settling and I began to tune my lute for an afternoon song in the distance I heard the distinct sound of a trebuchet launching its bundle of death followed shortly by the distinct sounds of alarm beginning to spread through the keep.

Gathering my belongings I headed for the door to assess the situation. Pitched battles were already beginning within the walls and it was surely the work of insiders as the gates stood open and the enemy was flooding in swiftly killing any in their way. I ducked into the alleyway leading to the inner keep hopeful to find more capable guards there as I would not be able to take an army alone. Perhaps the so-clad “Lord” of Restwell Keep, the Paladin Drysdale would be a capable leader in defending the keep he took. I would soon find out if he would be capable of having a line or two in my great story.

Rounding the last ally corner I came face to face with three invaders savaging a poor woman whilst her son watched in horror. The attackers were unaware that the laughter was the last thing they would ever hear… Darkness crept back into me as I advanced upon them shooting the first in the throat and swiftly reloading. The second had not realized his friend was dead before my bolt entered his temple driving him to the ground with a loud thud. The last one stood off his victim, drew his sword and began to advance, not realizing that I was not a small, blonde woman, and that his friends had in fact died at the tip of Drow bolts. Years of living at the hands of my mother had taught me much of how easy it was to ensnare and destroy men, and this poor soul advanced to his death never swing his sword or knowing how as he was almost upon me how I has suddenly produced a blade from thin air and drove it through is throat.

After returning my blade to magical space I headed on to the keep with the woman and her child. As we entered the inner keep the last of the guards entering behind us the gates closed. For most of the afternoon the trebuchet attempted to knock down the walls and rained a steady flow of fire within. As dusk styled in an unnatural fog began to take hold and the intensity of the assault increased when suddenly, with a tremendous shaking, the western tower began to crumble in upon itself. Brought down by kobold diggers and with the sudden explosion of DRAGON!

‘Twas then, I was not entirely sure I would have the chance to write any more of my story. I exited the stone structure I was in and there in the courtyard was Drysdale surrounded by but a few remaining defenders whom I had seen at the inn for the past few evenings. Hearing the loud roar and challenge of the dragon to Drysdale and his taunt for it to come and face him I knew the time was now to act. The mighty beast landed in front of Drysdale preparing to hew him in twain with one mighty bite when on a-sudden he struck with his shield stunning the mighty beast. His companions then struck with a fury driving it into a crevasse within the keep floor. Running forward I used some powerful magic’s and let loose a cursed bolt from my crossbow causing all of Drysdale’s attacks to be more likely to find the weakness between the beasts scales.

Within a moment I witnessed the most amazing sight… As behold, a armor clad warrior kept into the crevasse after the dragon attempting to land on the thrashing beasts back cutting through its side as he fell 20 feet to the bottom of the hole risking being shredded by the dragons claws. Shortly after Drysdale was to follow this mad warrior into the pitched battle. Leaping from the edge, Lord Drysdale became the embodiment of his belief at last, landing on the back of the dragon as his mighty sword beat into the creature, driving it into the ground.

All appeared going our way, when on a-sudden, from the keep walls dropped untold numbers of Gray Company invaders hoping to take advantage of the moment and bring down the defenders for good. Seizing the moment Rolen the Green bounded up the wall, arrows flying at the enemy, slaying them one after the other holding them back with his mighty bow, allowing Brandis and I to relocate to the crevasse edge to provide support to those below.

Mighty blows flew both upon and from the dragon when at last, the mighty beast freed itself from the hole and flew to the edge with lighting speed. With a loud roar the dragon spit its acid in all directions and only by a hairs breath did our company escape its end. I was not so lucky. The pain bit hard into me as I took the full force of the acid and it took all my powers with healing to overcome the damage being generated by my boiling skin.

Assuming I had been destroyed, the dragon turned its focus to the two men, Aerix the Dragonrider and Lord Drysdale, who had been thrown down in the pit. Recalling my time spent in the company of the elves of the light I took careful aim and let loose my response to the dragons breath. Using the powers of the Feywild my bolt struck true into the beasts a chest opening a massive river of blood and the burst of blood was turned into power to bring Lord Drysdale and Aerix to appear on either side of the great wyrm. Stunned by the sudden change, the dragon was once again the victim of mighty blows and sharp steel of the two warriors. With a torn wing, open wounds spewing blood from its head, chest and abdomen, its wings slashed and burned, the great beast, knowing its death was upon it, used its last ounce of strength to launch itself into the air and fly eastward over the keep walls and toward its mountain lair.

With the dragon gone the remains of the Gray Company froze in their tracks. The day, which they had thought was theirs, had taken a sudden turn for the worse, as Lord Drysdale, Aerix the Dragonrider, Rolen the Green, Brandis the Sturdy, and I, Lady Ziarra the Bard, gathered together to visit our fury and vengeance upon them. Slaying them to the last forever ending the threat they posed to the residents of the mighty Restwell Keep.

Leaving Hochoch
Is that an obelisk protruding from Cur or a spear?

From the Diary of Mallador Stormwind
592cy Season of Growfest on Waterday, the 5th day of the month of Planting, 592 cy
Appropriate, we could suppose, that we started our journey as new life is being planted and begins in the fields around Hochoch. For we go forth, by all appearance, as seeds of a new beginning in the war to bring order and life back to the lands so harmed by the Giants just as a storm would destroy the fields and homes of those in its path.

After traveling south from Restwell Keep on the long road it is a great relief to be sitting in this fine home, sipping the finest wine as we listen to Sir Wassmuth introducing his guests; Lloyd Kopper from Gorna, the dwarf Breggo of the Ironveard clan, Delanna the Councilor of Hochoch, and two locals that will act as guides for our quest, a ranger, Flavious the Yunger and Sir Halldor Aegisvegg dwarf of the Kinghts of Dispatch, and Sir Roja a local Cavalier.

Venix Reepi, Cur, and I listen to the plans of these nobles with a keen ear. If what they propose is true, we should be able to drive a swift steak into the heart of these invaders and create the opportunity for the peoples of Geoff to retake their lands. I am sure the benefit would be great to all in this room, although if we fail, I suppose our hosts have little skin in the game at this point, and would likely find other companies to help drive the giants from their prior homes. But, since our home, Restwell Keep, owes allegiance to the Geoff, we but uphold our duty to our lords by attending to this matter.

Oddly, as we sit here listening to the most powerful of the City, our friend Delita has been arrested as a spy. Not only must we now deal with the giants, but we must break our friend the monk from the gallows and flee as wanted men. Odd how these things tend to drive one to action, so we prepare to depart, when the door flies open and in bounds Delita. It would appear that the city dungeons have no better ability to hold him than does the claws of the spawn of Shoth-Gorag.
592cy Season of Growfest on Moonsday, the 9th day of the month of Planting, 592 cy

Ships, boats, water. I so have enjoyed the journey down the Javan River on this small vessel as I have spent much time on the bow feeling the wind in my hair and the power within the winds. I have always had an affinity for storm powers, and here I can feel the flow I was taught to harness move constantly around me. It is sad that we must depart this part of our trip, although, it has been uneventful and quiet, save for the ever louder snores from Cur keeping us all awake at night. I think perhaps he enjoys this shipboard grog overmuch for one so small. But time to move on…

592cy Season of Growfest on Godsday, the 10th day of the month of Planting, 592 cy
Having spent the night encamped in the hills of the Stark Mound, we are glad that, so far, we have travelled without encountering any of the foul beast who have taken these lands for their own. Breakfast on the road is always such fun, as the food is dry, the coffee over-hot, and the pains of sleeping on the ground in a tent keep one aware of the hardships yet to be had. With luck, by tonight we will find this Halfling hideout and some measure of safety and find out the final details of the plan.

The events of this midday took a swift and exciting turn. As we crested a small hill we caught site of the Obelisk. A large ancient stone thrusting from the ground sitting atop a mount sloping fifty feet above the surrounding country side. Along the base of the mound could be found deep trenches excavated by some unknown defenders with numerous large boulders scarred throughout. We dismounted and began searching for clues to the area and soon discovered the remains of a battle between dwarves and giants. Under some of the boulders could be found remains of the poor dwarves who had been too slow to move from the giants hurled stones. Cur, Venix and Delita all found camp equipment and I found on one body an idol to a dwarf god.

As I said a prayer for these fallen defenders, I hoped that this gnome encampment still existed. Then, on a-sudden, Delita shouted that from the west enemies approached. We all mounted our horses and headed toward the obelisk in hopes of finding a defendable position, as these trenches did not save the last group of defenders. Within moments, galloping onto the flat could be seen, mounted on giant worgs, four Goliath Knights with armor and lances and stranger yet, they were lead by a hill giant an immense worg the likes of which I had not believed possible. Surely, these giants must be lead by some sinister and powerful cabal or leader to have some so far as to behave almost like civilized people. It reminded me much of those circus monkeys dressed as people sipping coffee as part of a show, but these monkeys were giants with spears long as a knight’s lance.

Cutting between my friends as they headed to the obelisk, I moved forward and dismounted, placing myself between the oncoming attackers and my company. With care, I raised up my orb and summoned up the powers of the storm blending in the fires of the earth and sent fourth a ball of fire which quickly expanded into a burst of thunder within their midst. Having only just mastered the missing of fire and storm magic I was taken by the power and beauty of the result, when my horse pulled back on its reins causing me to lose my footing in the rocks and fall.

At the obelisk, Delita and Cur shouted that they found a secret entrance and that we all must hurry before our foe was too close. As the giants recovered from the shock of the blast and regained control of their scared worgs, I stood and slapped my horse on the butt sending it fleeing for its life, I then turned my attention back to the giants.

Realizing the peril they had run toward, the giants split off, one to the right and one to the left, while the hill giant leader and two more ran straight toward us. I drew from the sky a storm of ice that rained down on the leader and the two goliaths riding nearest him causing the ground to freeze locking the worgs paws to the ground and freezing the hill giant to the worgs seat. The rest of the company located a way into the tunnels as the goliath to the right neared and threw his spear at me.

Seeing the large spear headed my way, I swiftly waved my hand and in a puff of smoke, I vanished, his spear falling harmlessly to the ground behind where I had been. As I reappeared next to the obelisk amongst my friends, I noticed Sir Roja on a rope with magic all round, as the hole was in fact a trap for the giants. To the left of Sir Roja was a side tunnel hidden from site and with faith in his gods and companions, Sir Roja swung himself through the false image landing in safety.

I followed Sir Roja down the rope and into the tunnel as Cur moved from the entrance advancing on the giants. Was he still inebriated from the boat ride? One wondered, but he cast forth his magic, briefly causing the giants to delay, as my last bit of magic was sent forth blasting the Hill Giant leader form his mount with a bolt of lightning. Delita climbed down the rope as Cur stone alone against the giants, suddenly, he took a spear the chest throwing him off his feet landing him hard on his back.

The goliath and its warg advanced on Cur, knowing its first meal of the day was but moments away when Cur vanished, only to reappear at the edge of the tunnel. Grabbing the rope, Cur flung himself within and onto the ledge with the rest of us. Looking up, he observed that we were all looking to the rear of the cave, for standing there were several fierce looking dwarves chattering at us. After some time and with help of a little magic we were able to talk with them and convince them of our good intent. They lead us to their leader, the Gnome Kemp Consum,
592cy Season of Growfest on Godsday, the 10th day of the month of Planting, 592 cy

Early afternoon, and we sit within the hole Kemp Consum calls home. Reunited with Flavious the Yunger and Sir Halldor Aegisvegg we are informed that the next leg of our journey must begin immediately, with little to no time for rest. Events are moving faster than we anticipated. Swiftly, Venix patched up Cur and we prepared to depart after a quick meal of gnomish make and a sip of stout dwarf ale.

Into the Dragons Storm
Taking the blue from the sky

592cy Season of Growfest on Waterday, the 11th day of the month of Planting, 592 cy
Early morning, sitting in yet another dwarf cave, watching them slather on meat dripping with fat, swilling on ale, our new friend Halldor appears as happy as the troll we encountered last night eating one of our hippogriffs. You may wonder what I am talking about, and that is fare. Kemp Consum rushed us out of his tunnels and quickly onto the backs of hippogriff mounts, which had been trained by a Baraka the Halfling. Baraka was kindly enough and helpful is getting us all mounted and strapped in so we could fly through the night in relative safety to the forward scout base deep in giant held territory. For several hours we flew through the air uneventfully, following our guide, and, for me, enjoying this form of travel greatly. I have never had the opportunity to ride such a mount I felt more connected with the sky and free, exhilarating. But I digress, as darkness crept upon us we flew below storm clouds, the powerful beat of the hippogriff wings sending us forward when with a flash of light to the right of us unnatural lighting left from the clouds, striking Flavious’s mount, killing the beast instantly and sending him tumbling toward his death.

With lightning like reflexes, almost as if he felt a tremor in the dark, and some deity reached his hand down through the night guiding his actions, Cur banked his mount hard to the right and dove toward the earth coming below the falling Flavious, who was able to at the last moment flip through the air landing behind Cur on the mount as if it were part of a traveling circus act. Rest assured, I was stunned by what I had just witnessed, and this was the cause of late entrance into the insanity that followed, for insanity is the only way to describe it.’

As Flavious pushed off the falling mount, propelling himself forward, from the dark cloud above burst a blue dragon, its powerful wings folded along its body, head thrust forward, mouth open with many rows of teeth as long as dagger glistening in its mouth, snapping deliberately at Flavious. But to the creature’s dismay, its mouth slammed shut on nothing but air. With a roar of anger the dragon snapped its wings sharply outward and with two beats and a hard turn of its body showed the true agility and power of these beasts. The young dragon hovered momentarily in the air looking for its next meal, spotted Cur and Flavious on a hippogriff and began to run on them. And that is when the unexpected happened.

Diving in with Delita behind him, Baraka swept passed the dragon hopeful that he could distract the dragon from its prey. This action, unbeknownst to Baraka, provided Delita the opportunity to out due the actions of Aerix and Lord Drysdale in the defense of Restwell keep, for Delita leapt off the mount, tumbling through the air, and landing on the great beasts back. As he landed, he drove his fists between the creature’s scales forcing roars of pain and thus locking onto its back.

As the dragon lashed out in the air attempting to dislodge the man from his back, Halldor to the left and Cur with Flavious to the right began to attack taking several shots at the beasts head stunning it while the beast lashed out in response. The dragon let out a several blasts of lightning at the harassing enemies as Delita clawed his way up the beast’s powerful neck. Halldor then swung his great hammer in a great arc, bands of magical energy building around it and struck the beast in the head, wrapping it in crackling energy and causing it to be unable to build enough energy to move away, swiftly followed by Delita striking the beast in the top of the head, providing the final stunning blow that caused the two of them to begin a tumble to the ground. As it began to fall, a final blast of lightning burst from its mouth in a roar catching Cur’s hippogriff in the face, killing it instantly, and he and Flavious joined the dragon and Delita in a fatal plunge toward the ground.

As fate would have it, and to Cur’s surprise, in that moment, I was able to reach out with my magic and catch the small gnome, teleporting him to the back of my mount. Sadly, I was not able to do the same for Flavious and Delita. With a loud crash the Dragon, Delita, hippogriff and Flavious hit the ground. Thankfully the beasts dampened the fall for my friends and stunned they were both able to rise. As the dragon turned its hungry maw toward Flavious the mighty Halldor swooped past striking the great beast in the forehead with his mighty hammer.

The dragon lay dead at Flavious’ feet with Delita standing on its back. Halldor and the rest of us landed to pick up our friends when from the tree line burst a pack of hungry trolls. As we had far yet to travel and were deep in enemy territory, we chose to depart as having the armies of the invaders close on our position was, while somewhat desirable, not our purpose here.

After several more hours of nervous flight we arrived in the cave. None the less worse of save the loss of two hippogriff mounts. A greater loss for Baraka than us, but time may prove that even to be false. So here I sit, watching Halldor feast with his fellow dwarfs, our company settling in for some much needed rest, wondering, what could possibly top today? I am hard pressed to come up with an answer, save; only the gods can know. What I do know is that on the morrow, we go in search of giants. As for now, that meat looks tasty, and the ale looks cold, so I think I shall partake.

Mallador Stormwind.

Battle for Kargyraa Fort
The battle begins!

592cy Season of Growfest on Earthday, the 12th day of the month of Planting, 592 cy
Early morning and the remnants of our meal lie scattered around the embers of the fire that kept the cave warm trough the night. Halldor and his kin spent much of the night burping, laughing, drinking, head-butting and farting. Not necessarily in that order, nor with equal frequency. Were the cave not large, I am sure rest would not have been possible for the rest of us. But, I must admit, the ale was warming and the food fresh. Our group headed down the mountain toward the Kargyraa Fort located in a clearing in the valley below. From our mountain perch one could see the massive damage to the surrounding woodlands done by the giants and their slaves in building this massive fort. Kargyraa Fort was created with one large building with a watch tower and a smaller building with stockades connecting the two, creating a large courtyard holding giant worgs as watchdogs. Were one to observe this fort it would appear as any a human would make, save the fact that the doors were twenty foot tall with walls standing thirty foot high.

We take our time traveling off the mountain, wary of giants and for good reason; We manage to avoid several patrols before arriving near the giant structure just past midnight. We cautiously approach and Delita and Flavious clamber up the wall near the chimney and throw down ropes. One by one we scamper quietly up the rope until all that remains is Venix on the ground. As luck would have it, this night, Venix was leaving his hiding spot behind a tree when we slipped on a pile of worg dropping, slipped and crashed hard to the ground. The noise created a huge disturbance within the fort as the worgs began to bark and claw at the gates in a vain attempt to chase down the intruders they smelled. Fortune was on our side in the end as Venix was able to recover before the two hill giant guards were able to exit the fort.

Perched on the roof I was able to hear the hill giants concern for waking Varrg, who came into the courtyard yelling and revealed that he was in fact a lycanthrope. As one would imagine concern for anyone unlucky enough to be on the ground mounted. Crafty Cur was able to distract the animals and our group slipped to the highest roofs of the structure and out of site. Looking within the building we were surprised by the fact that there was a formal banquet underway, I assume celebrating the arrival of a stone giant emissary. We learned from up there the hill giants had a king named Nosnra and the emissary Laerthar the stone giant. Along with a dire bear pet and three hill giant hunters the party was partaking of much drink and neared passing out (if such a thing was possible). We took the opportunity to quietly slip through a chimney into the king’s bedchamber. Within we found many items of gold and gems and a famous Shield of the World tree. Halldor was much impressed when we gifted it to him as he would have need of it later. Looking back later should have been very soon.

Beyond the doorway of the bedroom was what can only be described as a barracks. Within lay eight hill giants and a massive guard wearing chainmail. Cur slipped through the sleeping giant’s beds as I returned to the roof to make my way to the opposite end of the fort where a separate room and chimney lay. I know not what drove Curs actions next, but, he leapt up in the middle of the room and ran for the closed door. Halldor, hearing the ruckus, flung open the door for Cur to flee through, but was not fast enough to close it. As fortune would have it, I was able to get a Thunder-fire ball spell, I had only recently mastered, cast into the middle of the waking giants through the fireplace as the hill giant guard hit the door. That was our unwanted signal to begin, for Flavious and Halldor began battle with the hill giant and outside, Delita leapt from the room to the midst of the worgs and battle began. Delita flipped, spun and kicked his way about like an angry dervish on fire and around him animals whined and bones broke. while inside, Flavious and Halldor fended off blow after angry blow from the hill giant.

After a few moments of swift blows, combat settled in and the first hill giant fell as a second guard arrived in the bedroom doorway. Outside, two giant avalanchers joined the battle with little effect on the monk who continued to duck and dodge always appearing just removed from where one expected to see him. The giants grew confused if they had begun the battle with order, it swiftly broke down and the dogs and giants began clawing over each other in a useless attempt to grab hold of the flying monk.

As the battle continued I entered the second bedchamber in hopes of finding leads to who was driving the giants to such order only to find more gold tossed around as if it were but pebbles in a rock garden…..

Battle for Karagyaa Fort, Cont..


592cy Season of Growfest on Earthday, the 12th day of the month of Planting, 592 cy

As the battle continued I entered the second bedchamber in hopes of finding leads to who was driving the giants to such order only to find more gold tossed around as if it were but pebbles in a rock garden but no information as to who or what drove these beasts to such “civilized behaviors. Upon returning to the roof I was confronted with the sounds of battle in the courtyard. Running along the rooftop I arrived to witness Delita on the ground facing two hill giant avalanchers, two hill giant guards, four giant worgs, and Vaarg transformed into worg form as Cur, Flavious, Venix and Haldor looked on in amazement.

Taking a moment I reached into the eather and cast forth a firewall providing Delita with cover and trapping his enemies within, immediately followed by an ice storm that, when combined, proved to difficult for the hulking beasts to move through enabling my companions to begin killing this mix of beasts as they burned to death. Haldor leapt off the roof striking the nearest giant with his axe rending open its flesh on his way to the courtyard ground nearest Delita. For several minutes the battle raged but slowly we killed off these giants and worgs leaving Varrg the sole standing beast, and even he fell befor our onslaught. Though he was not to stay down for long as his lycanthropic regeneration kicked in and to our amazement and concern he began to rise again.

Nearly ready to celebrate our small victory, we were quickly faced with yet another problem, for from within the keep could be heard the pained screaming of the mother of the giants and her personal guard and the stone giant emissary as they ran toward the building exit intent on slaying all of us. The mother screamed that she would kill and eat whoever slew her babies. With much bravado in giant I yelled back that it was I who dealt her this blow and she would be next. In her madness and anger I was able to trap her, her guards and the emissary in a mirage of pain and sorrow causing them to become confused and stand about in the entrance unable to act while my friends finished off the remaining giants in the courtyard.

Thinking quickly, Venix summoned the power of Pelor and created a wall of blades across the open main doorway forcing the giant mothers guard to pass through a terrible barrier. Cut slashed and hacked, they began bursting through the blade barrier only to be tossed back into it by arcane winds and a steady rain of blows from Delita. Mean while, Flavious swung from the roof into the out building and began searching for any information as we continued our assault.

And then the giants regrouped for their king had come into the courtyard after having set his ogre minions and smaller giants to come around the back of the fort and onto the roof. Charging those of us on the roof, several of the giants fell through to the ground below, never to rise again, while others moved close. The giants mother then ran in madness through the bladed barrier and climbed up the wall to get ot our position. It was then, I called upon the thunder powers in my staff and blasted her back off the roof edge to land flat on the ground in the middle of the firewall, where she began to burn alive.

At the same time the giant king entered the courtyard, Flavious returned from within the out building creating a target for the kings arbalest that he carried as a normal man would carry a crossbow. Blessedly, his shot went wide as he then leapt toward the roof and began climbing to the top. It was was at that moment a crazed ogre charged at Venix causing the roof to cave in dragging them both into the fort and nearly killing our healer. Cur realizing the desperate situation for Venix leapt in after him, crawling down the rubble to aid Venix with a healing potion.

The Battle Continues, Part Three


The next minutes was pure chaos. I find it hard to imagine that anyone, even our foes survived. Flavious took a second arbalest bolt throwing him backward from Nosnra and then fled into the burning outbuilding followed closely by Vaarg and a hill giant hunter. Moments later that building exploded into flame the roof falling caving and the hill giant hunter burst out covered in flame near death. Flavious managed to flee through a chimney deep in the building and began to circle around to the front.

In the meantime, I continued to toss giants into the wall of fire who were fool enough to stay within range of my windstorm. Several met their end in those fires, including the hill giant matron, shouting all the while that “I shall get you and crush your bones to dust for what you have done”. Although, the last sound she would make was a screech as she was tossed one last time into the middle of the wall, the magic flames searing the skin and muscle from her bones, followed quickly by the Stone Giant Emissary who met the same fate.

Inside, Cur and Venix had a much tougher time of it, as several ginats converged on them, with one leaping off the roof to land directly on them as Nosnra began running along the roof edge toward us. He was shouting in human common “I demand that you surrender to ahhhhhhhhhh” as the roof under him collapsed sending him plummeting to the floor inside. Getting up he rushed forward to help his giants kill Cur and Venix. Delita slipped behind the giants into a chimney and began searching the last rooms for what we came. Venix fled from under the hoof of the giants, slipping through a hole in the walls into the room Delita was hiding as our short companion Cur was struck by a near fatal blow from Nosnra sending him flying across the main hall landing hard against the giants’ dinner table.

Nosnra’s giants advanced upon Cur, lifted his unconscious body, tossed it on a table and began to remove his belongings. Nosnra, mistakenly shouted that we were to surrender or he would kill the gnome. But Venix was not to hear of such nonsense and, calling upon the powers of Pelor, summoned Curs to him and administered a life saving healing. This was the final loss for Nosnra and he began shouting for parlay.

Knowing that his mighty keep and forces of arms had been mightily reduced and hearing in his desperate plea that we could take his prisoners with us we listened. As it turned out, unbeknownst to us, the giants were holding many dwarf prisoners, who were in bad shape. Knowing that If the battle continued, the prisoners would likely be buried alive under the keep, we agreed to allow Nosnra to live. He and his giants laid down their arms and retreated to the furthest corners of their keep as we entered the dungeons and claimed his prisoners. Seeing caves in the back of the dungeon and with our dwarf allies in tow, we headed our of the keep by underground caverns.

And in those tunnels, we would be tested again.

The Dragon in the Pit

592cy Season of Growfest on Earthday, the 12th day of the month of Planting, 592 cy….Still
Would this, the longest day of my life, not end?!? _

If it were not for the bounty taken in that dungeon the giants who sued for peace would have paid this very night. After negotiating for a peaceful resolution to the conflict, the Hill Giant King Nosnra informed us that his prisoners were located below his keep in a dungeon. Our group descended the stairwell into darkness our way lit by my wisp some fifty feet down ancient step that ended in a long stone hallway. Our concerns for the safety of the walls were soon of no concern as the giants above began tossing boulders and dirt over the entrance and down the stairway sealing us within. Fortune was however on our side briefly as all managed to round the corner at the end of the hall safely save some minor bumps and bruises to Cur.

Yet this was small condolence as the room lay open before us. We stood in the Southwest Corner entrance to a eighty by eighty hall with four giant columns spaced equal distance from each wall and the other columns. One can only guess that this was once the subterranean storeroom for a long forgotten keep that lay above. Floor of rough stone and the walls, once magnificent stonework, lay now covered in bones and dried blood, deep scorch marks burned into the floor as if dwarf hammers had been unleashed in a vain attempt to destroy this place. This was but a backdrop to the real horror of the room.

Protruding from the walls and columns, from floor to ceiling, were five foot long iron spears jutting out like dragon teeth with bones and remains of numerous victims stuck within as foot scraps between so many thousand teeth. The stench of rotting flesh hung heavy in the air and from the north could be heard a howl of wind turning up the dust of long dried out blood and broken rock. All was quiet as Delita entered and moved deeper lead by the light of the wisp and the sunrod that he had produced from his pack. Light flickered shadows on the walls and the wisp moved around and through the columns, sometimes just out of sight casting long shadows of columns toward us. To the far southern corner and far northern corner could be seen a raised portcullis’ and in the west side of the room the wall had been broken down creating a large entrance to a cavern.

As our group began its slow walk through the room, as if from nowhere was a sight of unimaginable horror, an adult iron dragon who announced its presence with a burst of lightning sending Cur into a wall of spears and knocking me to the ground. As my ears rang from the blast I stood dazed and in hast cast out my Color Orb spell which struck the mighty beast and then in a flash of light deflected back knocking me to the ground stunned. Venix reacted quickly and called upon the power of Pelor to send divine healing into Cur saving him from near death for a second time in the past 15 minutes.

Honestly, I worry that the little munchkin will not long survive at this rate. Perhaps it is the price he pays for the curses he throws and this shall just be his fate for many adventures to come. I wonder just how long will Cur’s magic armor hold up under this constant assault. But that discussion shall be a topic of much conversation at a later time.

Dragons are impressive beast to watch and thankfully, I can say this as the last two we encountered were unable to defeat us. The beast began snapping out with its jaws and prepared to launch a second blast of lightning when Flavious launched several arrows at the beast. His first arrow struck true as it entered the dragon’s nostril causing it to collapse to the ground snorting and growling, momentarily stunned. Taking maximum advantage Delita and Halldor leapt to the dragon raining blow after blow sending it off balance to fall on the ground at the monk’s feet. Realizing its predicament, the dragon teleported away whoever it re-appear next to Venix who struck with the light of Pelor and shot the beast in the heart weakening its blows at the same time I called on the elemental forces sent forth protective energies to my company. Combined these two forces ensured that the dragons blows landed as not more than scratches upon us, yet we continued our relentless pursuit of the beast as it vainly attempted to teleport away. Delita pursued the beast to the southern hallway yelling for us all the location. As we converged the dragon teleported out of the hall and appeared nest to me ready to breath but as fortune would have it I was able to use the power of the thunder through my staff and hurled the dragon backward 40 feet causing his breath to harm nothing but the walls. Sadly, this was the second time the dragons protective magic responded and blasted my staff out of my hands and sent it skidding under the wall of spears.

Then we lost the beast again for a moment but Delita once again managed to locate it in the cave to the west of the great hall hiding in rubble and the remains of the many long dead adventurers the dragon had devoured. The beast sent blasts of lightning into the ceiling attempting to bury us, but as fate would have it, the dragon was to be entombed within the resulting ceiling collapse.

When the dust cleared, we all entered the southern room to find much treasure spread about and more importantly to the cause, maps and information outlining the enemies plans. I can only assume at the very same moment King Nosnra was finishing putting out his fires and may have felt the earth tremble and heave and must believe that we had all met a violent end. Little was he to know that day was the day Cur decided the Giant King Nosnra would suffer and die a painful death at his hands for his betrayal of our good faith by sealing us in a tunnel with and angry iron dragon. As any good merchant knows, it’s the rats in the cellar that hurt your business the most, a lesson Nosnra going to be taught at Cur’s hand.


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