Greyhawk (Against the Giants/Tyranny of Dragons)

What's come to pass at Oytwood Pass?

Oytwood Gnoll more!

The party arriving at Winterhaven (formerlly known as Steryn) began seeking information of their new surroundings. Rook engaged two of the city watch who yearned for battle. Poor fools wouldn’t survive a night beyond the walls Rook assesses. Hobson fumbles his way through a conversation with Delphina in the marketplace and learns his wits are no match for hers. Heian meets with the shoppe keep Bairwin and peruses his wares. The most fruitful discover is that of Amerith who visited with Lord Pardraig. The Lord commissions Amerith and his party to travel to Oytwood Pass. Traders due back have not returned. Lord Paradig explained that the Pass has served as a buffer between Winterhaven and the raids of the outside world. If the Pass has fallen he will need to know immediately. The party accepts the quest and heads out the next morn, to Amerith’s dismay without mounts or a beast of burden.

Day 1 – Heian tries to rest the party on top of a hidden ant hill but the party assists in providing better lodgings for the night. Otherwise the day passes uneventful.

Day 2 – The party arrives at the proverbial fork in the road. A recent shallow grave has been haphazardly made not far off the path. Hobson and Heian can’t resist and upturn the burial site. A brother of Heironieous is buried within, the life recently smashed out of him. No other clues are left as to what occurred. The party reburies the fallen and Amerith adds a few words of prayer. Otherwise the day passes uneventful.


Day 3 – The party arrives on the outskirts of Oytwood, the town engulfed in wisps of smoke. Carefully the party approached the walls of the town. The first discoverer was the remains of a camp, the inhabitants mutilated within one of the tents. Amerith barely holds his mornings meal at the macabre scene and a sense of dread comes over him. Heian scensed the smell of burnt dog hair in the air. Still quietly the party approached the city’s outer watch tower. It was then the pack of gnolls launched their attack. A couple ogres and a crew of mercenary kobold sharp shooters already roosted in the tower assisted the gnolls in their assault. The God’s favored us that day. Our weapons repeatedly guided with critically accuracy against our assailants. The turning point was a moment of genius by the psyonicist V. She utilized her newly acquired card from a Deck of Many things and sent the Pack Lord into another dimension. The ruse threw the pack into utter chaos and the party made every advantage out of the packs hesitation. In the end the gnolls that weren’t killed, ran off. Two of the kobold’s remained alive, beged for mercy and pledged their service for a mere GP a day. Hobson quickly agreed and mockingly told Amerith the beasts of burden had been procured for far cheaper than the donkey would have cost in town. V scoured Outwood with her psyche and quickly assessed Oytwood had no survivors. The group decided to make back for Winterhaven with their new found knowledge. By the way the fire continued to spread as the party battled on, odd!

The trip home – The party made camp and the first four watches passed quietly. That changed during Hobson’s watch. Another pack of gnolls quietly approached the campsite. Somehoe Hobson managed to pull off something he never does well. He sensed the camp was under attack. Quickly the party was hastened from their slumber to combat their ambushers. The battle waned back and forth but seemed to take a tide for the worse when Amerith was brutally struck. Rook heroiclly took the brunt of the blow for him and immediately dropped unconscious. Hobson noting the swing in the tide of battle resorted back to setting the forest on fire and manipulating the arcane powers that had become so unstable. His storm wind thundered around the gnolls and scattered the pack apart. Quickly the pack turned on the halfling leaving him a heartbeat from death’s door. Once again the God’s took favor on the party. Hobson critically eviscerated the gnoll’s chief again throwing the pack in chaos. The battle was over almost as quickly as it began. The next morning the party said goodbye to Jeak and Beak, their Kobold mercernaries, and returned back to Winterhaven.


Winterhaven/Winterfell same thing :) Winter is coming.


Excellent work mark.. The Chronicles of Hobson


Very nicely done Mark.


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