Greyhawk (Against the Giants/Tyranny of Dragons)

The Dragon in the Pit

592cy Season of Growfest on Earthday, the 12th day of the month of Planting, 592 cy….Still
Would this, the longest day of my life, not end?!? _

If it were not for the bounty taken in that dungeon the giants who sued for peace would have paid this very night. After negotiating for a peaceful resolution to the conflict, the Hill Giant King Nosnra informed us that his prisoners were located below his keep in a dungeon. Our group descended the stairwell into darkness our way lit by my wisp some fifty feet down ancient step that ended in a long stone hallway. Our concerns for the safety of the walls were soon of no concern as the giants above began tossing boulders and dirt over the entrance and down the stairway sealing us within. Fortune was however on our side briefly as all managed to round the corner at the end of the hall safely save some minor bumps and bruises to Cur.

Yet this was small condolence as the room lay open before us. We stood in the Southwest Corner entrance to a eighty by eighty hall with four giant columns spaced equal distance from each wall and the other columns. One can only guess that this was once the subterranean storeroom for a long forgotten keep that lay above. Floor of rough stone and the walls, once magnificent stonework, lay now covered in bones and dried blood, deep scorch marks burned into the floor as if dwarf hammers had been unleashed in a vain attempt to destroy this place. This was but a backdrop to the real horror of the room.

Protruding from the walls and columns, from floor to ceiling, were five foot long iron spears jutting out like dragon teeth with bones and remains of numerous victims stuck within as foot scraps between so many thousand teeth. The stench of rotting flesh hung heavy in the air and from the north could be heard a howl of wind turning up the dust of long dried out blood and broken rock. All was quiet as Delita entered and moved deeper lead by the light of the wisp and the sunrod that he had produced from his pack. Light flickered shadows on the walls and the wisp moved around and through the columns, sometimes just out of sight casting long shadows of columns toward us. To the far southern corner and far northern corner could be seen a raised portcullis’ and in the west side of the room the wall had been broken down creating a large entrance to a cavern.

As our group began its slow walk through the room, as if from nowhere was a sight of unimaginable horror, an adult iron dragon who announced its presence with a burst of lightning sending Cur into a wall of spears and knocking me to the ground. As my ears rang from the blast I stood dazed and in hast cast out my Color Orb spell which struck the mighty beast and then in a flash of light deflected back knocking me to the ground stunned. Venix reacted quickly and called upon the power of Pelor to send divine healing into Cur saving him from near death for a second time in the past 15 minutes.

Honestly, I worry that the little munchkin will not long survive at this rate. Perhaps it is the price he pays for the curses he throws and this shall just be his fate for many adventures to come. I wonder just how long will Cur’s magic armor hold up under this constant assault. But that discussion shall be a topic of much conversation at a later time.

Dragons are impressive beast to watch and thankfully, I can say this as the last two we encountered were unable to defeat us. The beast began snapping out with its jaws and prepared to launch a second blast of lightning when Flavious launched several arrows at the beast. His first arrow struck true as it entered the dragon’s nostril causing it to collapse to the ground snorting and growling, momentarily stunned. Taking maximum advantage Delita and Halldor leapt to the dragon raining blow after blow sending it off balance to fall on the ground at the monk’s feet. Realizing its predicament, the dragon teleported away whoever it re-appear next to Venix who struck with the light of Pelor and shot the beast in the heart weakening its blows at the same time I called on the elemental forces sent forth protective energies to my company. Combined these two forces ensured that the dragons blows landed as not more than scratches upon us, yet we continued our relentless pursuit of the beast as it vainly attempted to teleport away. Delita pursued the beast to the southern hallway yelling for us all the location. As we converged the dragon teleported out of the hall and appeared nest to me ready to breath but as fortune would have it I was able to use the power of the thunder through my staff and hurled the dragon backward 40 feet causing his breath to harm nothing but the walls. Sadly, this was the second time the dragons protective magic responded and blasted my staff out of my hands and sent it skidding under the wall of spears.

Then we lost the beast again for a moment but Delita once again managed to locate it in the cave to the west of the great hall hiding in rubble and the remains of the many long dead adventurers the dragon had devoured. The beast sent blasts of lightning into the ceiling attempting to bury us, but as fate would have it, the dragon was to be entombed within the resulting ceiling collapse.

When the dust cleared, we all entered the southern room to find much treasure spread about and more importantly to the cause, maps and information outlining the enemies plans. I can only assume at the very same moment King Nosnra was finishing putting out his fires and may have felt the earth tremble and heave and must believe that we had all met a violent end. Little was he to know that day was the day Cur decided the Giant King Nosnra would suffer and die a painful death at his hands for his betrayal of our good faith by sealing us in a tunnel with and angry iron dragon. As any good merchant knows, it’s the rats in the cellar that hurt your business the most, a lesson Nosnra going to be taught at Cur’s hand.



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