Greyhawk (Against the Giants/Tyranny of Dragons)

The Battle Continues, Part Three


The next minutes was pure chaos. I find it hard to imagine that anyone, even our foes survived. Flavious took a second arbalest bolt throwing him backward from Nosnra and then fled into the burning outbuilding followed closely by Vaarg and a hill giant hunter. Moments later that building exploded into flame the roof falling caving and the hill giant hunter burst out covered in flame near death. Flavious managed to flee through a chimney deep in the building and began to circle around to the front.

In the meantime, I continued to toss giants into the wall of fire who were fool enough to stay within range of my windstorm. Several met their end in those fires, including the hill giant matron, shouting all the while that “I shall get you and crush your bones to dust for what you have done”. Although, the last sound she would make was a screech as she was tossed one last time into the middle of the wall, the magic flames searing the skin and muscle from her bones, followed quickly by the Stone Giant Emissary who met the same fate.

Inside, Cur and Venix had a much tougher time of it, as several ginats converged on them, with one leaping off the roof to land directly on them as Nosnra began running along the roof edge toward us. He was shouting in human common “I demand that you surrender to ahhhhhhhhhh” as the roof under him collapsed sending him plummeting to the floor inside. Getting up he rushed forward to help his giants kill Cur and Venix. Delita slipped behind the giants into a chimney and began searching the last rooms for what we came. Venix fled from under the hoof of the giants, slipping through a hole in the walls into the room Delita was hiding as our short companion Cur was struck by a near fatal blow from Nosnra sending him flying across the main hall landing hard against the giants’ dinner table.

Nosnra’s giants advanced upon Cur, lifted his unconscious body, tossed it on a table and began to remove his belongings. Nosnra, mistakenly shouted that we were to surrender or he would kill the gnome. But Venix was not to hear of such nonsense and, calling upon the powers of Pelor, summoned Curs to him and administered a life saving healing. This was the final loss for Nosnra and he began shouting for parlay.

Knowing that his mighty keep and forces of arms had been mightily reduced and hearing in his desperate plea that we could take his prisoners with us we listened. As it turned out, unbeknownst to us, the giants were holding many dwarf prisoners, who were in bad shape. Knowing that If the battle continued, the prisoners would likely be buried alive under the keep, we agreed to allow Nosnra to live. He and his giants laid down their arms and retreated to the furthest corners of their keep as we entered the dungeons and claimed his prisoners. Seeing caves in the back of the dungeon and with our dwarf allies in tow, we headed our of the keep by underground caverns.

And in those tunnels, we would be tested again.



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