Greyhawk (Against the Giants/Tyranny of Dragons)

Rescue at Rivenroar


PARTY – Hobson (Rogue), Heian (Druid), Gauthak (Brawler), Anamander (Templar), Vieva’Wyss (Psion)

1st Day – While in a tavern in Preston, the party is besieged by goblins, hobgoblins and an Ogre, who try to sack, pillage and set the town to flame. The party is able to defeat the mauraders and learn from one of the party members, Hobson, a halfling rogue about a possible quest.

The Oytwood forest has been teaming with activity in the past moons. A new presence with an old name, “Red Hand of Doom” has entered the Oytwood led by a hobgoblin named Sinruth. His marauding army of orcs, goblins and hobgoblins have been sacking town and villages around Hochoch. They have recently stunned all those in Hochoch by raiding the city. They took seven prisoners and stole an artifact from the Hall of Great Valor and are residing in Castle Rivenroar, which is deep in the Oytwood forest.

With the assassination of Owen I, the city of Hochoch has been dealing with political turmoil. The knights of the Gran March, who provided service and protection to Owen I and the refugees of Geoff have returned to their homeland. The monastic of order of Knights Watch has taken power in Hochoch led by Grandiose Imperial Wyvern Darwyck of Hookhill. Grand Imperial Darwyck has disbanded the splinter sect the Knights of Dispatch after a traitorous band of Dispatch members tried to usurp the order by killing Hugo of Geoff. Wyvern Darwyck had the band of knights executed and disbanded the order. This turmoil has created a perfect opportunity for an attack by the Red Hand of Doom.

Knights of the Watch have made no effort to track the Red Hand of Doom down. They have instead spent most of their resources fortifying the city. Contrary to the Knights Watch lack of an offensive, the elves in Preston have left the city to combat the Red Hand of Doom.

You are fascinated by the prospects of finding this castle Rivenoar, but you have no idea of its whereabouts or who or what resides there.

Day 2 – Party leaves to find Castle Rivenroar. Led by Heian the Druid, the party is led in the wrong direction and into a Kruthik lair where after suffering major wounds Anamander and Gauthak are left unconscious. Party members are able to revive Anamamder, but the Goliath Gauthak is unable to regain consciousness and is buried in the woods of Oytwood.

Day 3 – While traveling in the woods of Oytwood, the party runs into a Paladin named Amerith and an elven warrior named Bren who Amerith found in a hangman’s noose. They continue towards Rivenroar Castle.

The party finds a castle in ruins and discover tracks that lead into a catacombs. Moving down the stairs into the catacombs, the party combats hobgoblins and goblins who guard the entrance. Bren, the elf is stuck with bolts and dies in the first minute of combat. The party is able to regain the battle field as Heian brings locusts on the hobgoblins. The goblin snipers run away as the party decides to let them go.

The main entrance room has three doors, one to the north, east and west. The party decides to go through the door labeled Rivenroar family. This leads to stairs that go down into the catacombs. This leads to a room full of mushrooms. Amerith decides to explore the room and encounters a sleeping Rage Drake. As he returns to the party to explain what he has found, Hobson checks out a mushroom that begins to screech, alerting the Rage Drakes. The party has much more success against the Rage Drakes.

In another adjoining room, the group finds an old woman in a magic circle. She is one of the prisoners and her name is Zerriska. They group also finds in a niche in the ground in the mushroom room, a holy symbol +1, Magic Orb +1 and Plate Hero Armor +1. The group decides that they will take an extended rest.

Day 4 – Rested the group moves back to the entrance room. As Hobson listens at the door, he hears the moaning of the undead. The group opens the door to find that the two hobgoblins and Bren who were killed in the room are now Zombies. The group slices, dices and psionically blasts the undead very quickly moving to the door, the goblins escaped through the previous day.



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